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Rexel Auto+ 600X

Part #: 2103500A Rexel Auto+ 600X
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Specification Accessories
Cutting style:   Cross cut
Shred size:   4x40mm
Security level:   P-4   More details
Capacity: 10 sheets
Capacity per fill: 600 sheets (via auto feeder)
Recommended throughput: 2,500 sheets per day
Working width:   230mm
Shredding speed: 3 m/sec
Volume (sheets): 850
Volume (litres): 80
Staples / paperclips: YES
Credit cards: YES
Cardboard: No
Dimensions (WxDxH): 520x510x810mm
Weight: 38kg
Additional features: Continous running: 24 hours
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After a period of time shredders that are not oiled will start to shred fewer sheets, be prone to jamming and may affect your manufacturers warranty.

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Fellowes Shredder Oil (350ml)
Fellowes Shredder Oil (350ml) Pack of 6
Rexel Auto+ 600X reviews
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What Rexel have to say...
600 Sheet Auto Feed Departmental Shredder Shreds Staples, Paperclips, CDs And Credit Cards

Remastered for 2017, the Rexel Auto+ 600X automatic feed shredder provides confidential security with effective 4x40mm cross cut shredding. Spend 98% less time shredding, with no need to stand and feed paper into the machine or even remove staples or paper clips first. Simply load the champer with up to 600 sheets (80gsm) or 660 sheets (70gsm) and let the machine do the rest. A manual over-ride slot exists that allows you to shred up to 10 sheets (80gsm).

Independent tests have shown that you can save up to a staggering 98% of time shredding by using the Rexel Auto+ 600X vs. a standard shredder. If you load 600 sheets into the Auto+ 600X then it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the process. Featuring a 4 digit security password function that locks sensitive documents into the shredder, providing additional security. The Auto+ 600X has a 80 litre capacity pull out bin with viewing window that holds up to 850 sheets of shredded paper requiring minimal emptying. Is also ultra quiet with noise levels at less than 60DBA, with LED indicators to alert the user when the feeder door is open, the bin is full, a reverse function, the machine has been overloaded or jammed.

NB. Due to the unique auto feed technology, the Auto+ 600X only accepts standard copier paper (up to 80gsm). Any paper with a glossy finish or anything thicker such as folded paper or card should be shredded through the manual feed slot. Also note that A5 sheets are only accepted through the bypass slot and will not work in the Auto Feed system.

Auto Feed - Stack - Shut - Done
Instead of manually feeding in paper piece by piece, customers can simply stack A4 sheets into the machine, shut the lid and walk away – that’s it.

Optional Manual Feed Slot
A manual feed slot allows for quick and efficient shredding when you are pressured for time.

98% Time Saving
Spend 98% less time shredding than with a similarly priced manual feed shredder - saving you time and money.

Continuous Operation
This shredder can be used continuously. No cool down means no wasted time.

Self Cleaning
The Cutters are self cleaning to remove loose pieces of paper to help prevent future paper jams.

Self Oil
This machine oils the cutting head automatically when required to provide better shred performance and to prolong the life of the shredder.

Jam Free Shredding
Jam Free shredders continuously check whether you're trying to feed too much paper. A red light indicates too much paper and a green light indicates that there is no risk of jamming. No time wasted. Less mess made. Auto Jam Clearance
In the unlikely event of a paper jam the machine will automatically try to clear the obstruction.

Auto Reverse
The machine will automatically reverse when you attempt to shred too many sheets of paper in one go.

Recyclable Bags
Recyclable paper bags are available as an optional extra for this product as this is the easiest way to empty and recycle your shredded paper.

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