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Shredder Buying Guide

To make life easier for you we have selected a few of our most popular shredders which would suit most environments
Are you likely to increase the throughput in the coming months / years?
Often it's better to buy a machine capable of shredding higher quantities than you initially require as there's a good chance you'll find more and more to shred.
Do you have a backlog of shredding?
Again, buying a shredder that is capable of doing a handful of sheets per day is fine when in general use, but if you intend to shred a huge backlog, the shredder may not be up to it. If you're unsure, please contact us and we can advise.
What will you be shredding?
If you're looking to shred items other than paper - such as CDs, credit cards or staples - your choices may be limited.
How much to spend?
Like anything, buying the cheapest shredder and over-using it will cost you more in the long run. It's important that you find a balance between a sensible cost and a shredder which will do what you need with a little room for increased use. Below are our recommendations for each category which should give you an idea on what to spend.

Below are our recommendations for each category which should give you an idea on what to spend...

Light Home/Small Office Use

£82.00 ex. VAT
Small and compact home/office cross cut shredder which offers security level 3 and capable of shredding credit cards too! Perfect for under the desk or hidden away at home for up to 250 sheets per day.

Medium Home/Small Office Use

£475.00 ex. VAT
Office shredder with continous run time. The shredder is a security level 3 so perfect for high security shredding without having to pay for a top end product. The RDX2070 is easy to empty and clean and will shred CDs and credit cards.

Heavy Use

£1,195.00 ex. VAT
With continuous 24 hour shredding, the 425Ci is at the top end of office shredding. Offering cross cut level 3 security, it is capable of shredding 2,500 sheets per day including credit cards and CDs.

Very Heavy Use

£1,695.00 ex. VAT
The main feature of this shredder is the 500 sheet shredding capacity. The shredder is a cross cut level 3 shredder which can shred 500 pages at a time using the automatic feeder, saving time and effort throughout the day!

Still not sure?

Why not take a look at our shredder comparison chart to compare all features

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