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Kofax VRS Elite 5.1 Workgroup

SKU: VP-W005-0001

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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Kofax Kofax VRS Elite Workgroup
SKU: VP-W005-0001
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Device Health
Monitor your scanners and proactively alert administrators to issues affecting image quality or system throughput, including failing lamps, multi-feeds and roller wear.

Centralized Licensing
Manage and distribute your Kofax VRS Elite licenses to your scan stations using the licensing utility, making administration of your scanning environment easier.

Intelligent Rotation
Simply drop a batch of documents into your scanner and let Kofax VRS Elite analyze the content on each page and determine which side is up.

Intelligent Cleanup
Capture crisp, clean images from your most challenging documents, including blueprints, wrinkled paper and security paper.

Hole Punch Removal
Eliminate hole punch markings by filling holes with the surrounding page colour.

Blank Page Deletion
Intelligently delete blank pages when you scan a batch of single-sided and double-sided documents.

Perfect Images
Get process ready images with superior image quality, making scanning easier for your users and enabling better recognition and extraction rates.

Easy to Use
Just press scan and let Kofax VRS Elite do the rest, without special operator knowledge of scanning, special filters or image enhancement.

Managed Software Deployment
Manage, distribute and install Kofax VRS Elite software from a central server using Windows Installer and easily apply patches.

Automatic Profiles/Centralized Management
Centrally manage and automatically apply Kofax VRS Elite profiles to each scan station, ensuring consistency through the entire scan operation.

Colour Detection
Detect and retain colour in mixed batches of colour and black-and-white documents without presorting.

Colour Smoothing
Normalize the background colour of any document or replace it with white.

Automatic Crop and Deskew
Automatically crop and deskew each image based on the edges of the original documents ? available on all Kofax VRS Elite certified scanners.

Improved Recognition
Dramatically increase the accuracy of your character recognition (OCR and ICR) software by delivering it cleaner images.

Scan at Rated Speed
Get all the features of Kofax VRS Elite while running your scanner at rated speed, regardless of scan mode (black-and-white, grayscale or colour) or interface (Kofax, ISIS or TWAIN).

Network-friendly Images
Suppress noisy backgrounds and shaded areas, resulting in ultra-compact image files that are ideal for display and rapid retrieval over your network.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

Previous Replacements

Kofax Kofax VRS Elite Workgroup
SKU: VP-W005-0001

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